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When it comes right down to it, the NFL Draft is a very simple concept and process. It was created as a fair and orderly method to distribute college players to pro teams, with the teams with the worst records and greatest need getting access to the best prospects. For a full blown coverage for review of an online betting sites, visit It has existed in some form or another since 1936 but recently has gained widespread mainstream popularity and become a huge media event. The event itself receives national prime time TV coverage on ESPN and pre-draft analysis is provided to fans via the Internet and over a half dozen magazines and publications that break down the needs of every NFL team and provide their own hypothetical player allocations via NFL mock draft lists. Ever since then, every year NFL draft is a huge event and takes care of all NFL draft picks for 2013 and upcoming years. If you are actually interested in betting on football, then you should look at Super Bowl XLVIII odds now so you can get nice odds. For full coverage on 2015 Super Bowl, visit

Draft News
  • trufant
    Thursday, 31 January 2013
    The NFL’s shift toward pass heavy offensive schemes has made cornerback one of the most important positions in the draft. However, finding legit players capable of playing both man and zone coverages often proves difficult for pro personnel departments. A detailed look at all 32 NFL rosters will yield very few prototypical shutdown corners. For [...]
  • eric-fisher
    Thursday, 24 January 2013
    With Senior Bowl practices winding down in Mobile, Alabama, scouts and personnel gurus are finalizing their evaluations and analysis. Several prospects dramatically improved their stock while others exposed weaknesses that could cost them on draft weekend. One player who stood out for the last three days was Central Michigan left tackle Eric Fisher, who dominated [...]
  • lattimore
    Wednesday, 23 January 2013
    The 2013 running back class just received a huge boost with the latest news regarding Marcus Lattimore’s rehabilitation from right knee surgery. Lattimore’s most recent visit with renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews provided encouragement that the ex-Gamecock could be ready for the start of the 2013 NFL season. According to reports, Andrews told Lattimore that [...]
Draft Rumors
  • Chris-Jones
    Friday, 1 February 2013
    Besides quarterbacks and left tackles, the most coveted position by NFL personnel gurus are pass rushers. Whether an end or tackle, any player who can shed blocks and penetrate the backfield will be given a long look in the evaluation process. And said player doesn’t have to be from Alabama or Florida State (although it [...]
  • d-moore
    Wednesday, 30 January 2013
    It doesn’t take a draft expert to notice that the 2013 draft class is lacking at the skill positions, at least as far as the first-round is concerned. Quarterbacks will still be selected early, but each one is a boom or bust pick. A couple of wide receivers should go in the first 32, but [...]
  • Oregon State v BYU
    Monday, 28 January 2013
    The 2013 Senior Bowl is a wrap following the South’s 21-16 victory over the North on Saturday. Several players made an impression and definitely improved their stock in the eyes of scouts and pro personnel departments in attendance. One such player was BYU defensive end Ezekiel Ansah, who was up and down in practice sessions, [...]
History of NFL Mock Draft

Prior to the establishment of the NFL Mock Draft the distribution of college players to professional teams was largely unregulated and very chaotic. Basically, it was a case where players could to go any team that wanted them - a situation that clearly favored the most successful teams that not coincidentally had the most money to spend. There were no salary caps or other pay scale guidelines at the time, so teams could pay whatever they wanted for players. Weaker teams typically had less financial resources, and this system all but ossified the league into 'haves' and 'have nots'. takes pride in providing the latest draft news, rumors and NFL mock draft picks. Lot of the fans are interested in Kentucky Derby betting as well and is a good resource for that.


The original blueprint for the NFL draft was created at the league meetings in 1935, with the first draft taking place the following year. By way of comparison to its modern counterpart, the original draft was a downright primitive affair. Teams didn't have luxuries like scouting departments and there wasn't any comprehensive resource with which to evaluate so they used very simplistic methods to pick their players. Mainstream media accounts, visits to local colleges or even 'word of mouth'. At the time, pro football players faced a tough life with low pay and for that reason only 24 of the 81 players selected opted to play in the NFL that year. Among the players saying 'thanks but no thanks' was Jay Berwanger, who'll nonetheless go down in history as the first player selected in the first ever NFL draft.


Transformation into the modern era came about incrementally. In 1946, Eddie Kotal became the league's first full time scout when he was hired by Los Angeles Rams' head coach Dan Reeves. In 1949, George Taliaferro became the first African American selected in the NFL draft though he decided to play in the upstart AAFC league. Wally Triplett was selected 19th that year and would become the first African American to be drafted and make an NFL team. The significance of the draft would be enhanced with the arrival of the AFL in 1960, and the two leagues competed for top players. Many sites have been known to give Triple Crown coverage, but Horse Betting Action brings you the true triple crown information.


For the next couple of decades the mock draft would be an 'under the radar' affair receiving scant media coverage and of interest only to the most hardcore football fans. In 1980, Chet Simmons approached NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle to ask if the fledgling network he represented - ESPN--could televise the draft. Rozelle didn't think anyone would watch it, but he agreed. Since then the draft has become a huge event and has expanded to four days with the live prime time coverage of the first rounds drawing huge television ratings. In addition, there is extensive coverage of the draft prior to the event with football experts debating the potential of college players and creating their own NFL mock drafts.